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Our Newest Project - iArtsakh. Its purpose is to establish a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information System at Artsakh State University.

ASUSSECD aims to satisfy the unmet needs of scholars in developing countries. We work with scholars in poor countries to overcome their hardship and marginalization. We believe that we can help bring about real change to the lives of scholars who, in turn, contribute to the development of their societies.

As an organization, we follow the principles of solidarity with underprivileged and marginalized scholars, humility, improved human relations, mutual reverence, and ultimately, sustained development.

Help us identify scholars in hardship

A Note of Commitment

Many scholars endeavor to advance the ground knowledge of national identities and their endurance in a fast moving course of globalization. Such scholars, often deprived and unrecognized, contribute to the progression of human relations and, through their research and studies, give us a better understanding of national cultures, mutual reverence, and sustainable development. SSECD’s task is to identify such scholars, particularly the ones in financial hardship, and to support their work in all areas of natural and social sciences.

We trust our scholars have the development of their societies on their conscience and make significant contributions toward the advancement of a humanist vision. We, in turn, make the necessary effort to value and assist them to carry out their work. We are enormously proud of our mission. We hope you join with us in that feeling, and partner with us as we face the challenge of identifying scholars and their needs. The rewards, we are sure you agree, are worthwhile.

Razmig B. Shirinian, Ph.D.